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Intellectual debate won’t make you wiser. Love will.

28028285376_b80149e5e8_n.jpgMost of my life I was known as an intellectual. I still am an intellectual. But intellect never brought me balance. No amount of knowledge ever made me peaceful. I enjoyed being acknowledged for my intellect, but there was always debate going on about everything. And there was no truth, only competing perspectives.

One of the most fundamental changes that I’ve experienced after my conversion was a progressive detachment from this obsessive compulsive disorder we all suffer from callled debate. Most of the time, wherever there is a need for debate, love is lacking. On the other hand, wherever love is abundant, there is no need or incentive for debate.

I never feel like debating – I’ve learned to either keep quiet or vocally refuse to join. Having a background in journalism and a history of winning over debates, this is certainly a radical change – and a wonderful one that’s brought peace to my interactions with people.

Nonetheless I am genuinely interested in the well being of those around me, so here is one strategy that I find more meaningful and efficient to produce change both in and around me:

– If I disagree with something that is being said or done, instead of debating it, I focus on acting in a way such that reflects my vision as opposed to investing in showcasing my perspective to either convince (win) or accept (lose) against someone else’s perspective.

There’s nothing more powerful than actions. So why spend so much valuable energy on debate? The world and particularly the Internet is already full of it – and there is a profound lack of love in it.

Do you disagree about calling people “idiots”? Simple: don’t do it. Your example, minus the debate and the possible shaming embedded in it, will likely inspire others to do the same. Any other course of action becomes borderline oppressive – and love never, ever oppresses.

I’m not talking about “leading by example” either. This strategy is about allowing yourself to be lead by love.

It isn’t easy to “take in” all the oppression in the world, but here are the good news: you won’t have to! When you’re lead by love, you learn how to transcend the dynamics of this world to shield yourself from all its nonsensical behavior. This also helps you focus on what in you will live past this world: your spirit and the immaterial, namely the good actions that you carried on while amidst all this material chaos.

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