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Trust the way out that gives you peace and endurance

Have you ever had a situation in life when you thought you had found a solution for a problem, only to realize later that the solution was worse than the problem you were trying to solve?

In the past few years, I made certain decisions in hopes of solving problems, and these “solutions” ended up causing even more problems in the long term.

This happened often when I tried to rebuild broken relationships and in choices I made in my professional career. But I raise it here as a basic principle of life:

The solution should not be worse than the problem.

In this fallen world, we don’t always have a choice between good and bad. Sometimes situations are complex and leave us with a choice between the lesser of two evils.

And when we find ourselves torn between two choices that are not good, having the peace from the One who loves us unconditionally gives us confidence to make the right decision.

I pray that we are all blessed with this peace that exceeds all understanding whenever we are presented with difficult choices. May love be our leader and a forgiving spirit our armor.

Remember, we never experience a situation that is beyond what we can bear. And every time we face a problem, we are provided with a way out so that we can endure it.

forgiveness love

We are called to love everyone, including politicians

Have you ever contemplated a political career? I have.

A kind-hearted professor I had once said that the destiny of those who don’t like politics is to be governed by those who do. He went into politics because he likes it. And I like it too.

But I let go of the idea of following the political path because I am extremely private. Having my personal life publicized and twisted around is not a concession I’m willing to make.

Most people though never contemplate a political career. And that’s one of the reasons why it is so hard for them to understand that a politician is first and foremost a fellow human being.

It is heartbreaking to see the atmosphere of judgment and downright hatred against certain politicians these days.

Politicians pay a high price for making decisions that, under different circumstances, would yield far less judgment.

The mainstream media, the political opposition and the ideological opposition have all grown accustomed to treating these politicians with a belittling attitude.

This intellectual elite uses a moralistic rhetoric to disguise the fact that they consider these politicians as less than themselves, in some ways even subhuman, and undeserving of respect.

Now it’s even worse because no one really knows what to do.We all need to work together, but instead this intellectual elite uses every opportunity to instigate an atmosphere of distrust.

We might not like these politicians’ actions, but who are we to judge them? What makes any of us confident that our actions would be so radically different if we were in their place?

It isn’t possible to be good in this world out of our own efforts. None of us is good. Without God’s grace, we are at the mercy of the evil that inhabits us and are capable of the same mistakes.

And what a blessing it is to be called by God.

What a blessing it is to know that we have been forgiven for everything we have done and will still do across spacetime.

What a blessing it is to love those who the world loves to hate. This isn’t natural for us. This love is God’s power operating in us.

What a blessing it is to know that only God knows what is in people’s hearts. I know I am much worse than I like to think, but I am humbled before his mercy, forgiveness and eternal love.

So I pray that the One who is Love reveals himself to everyone who is full of hatred against politicians right now. May he heal their hateful hearts and give them a spirit of love.

May he draw them near to the light and the truth that they are too blind to see because they are enslaved by darkness.

I pray that he crushes them with his love and humbles them down, so he can be the One to exalt them when he transforms them into the peacemakers that we need right now.

May he transform what the enemy meant for evil in them and turn it for good. I pray that he transforms them into helpers, and fills their heart with love and the divine ability to forgive.

May he give them the will to do what is good for all of us.


forgiveness love

We are called to forgive the world, not to please it

I can read people within seconds just from being around them, so “social distance” is part of everyday life for me.

The distance helps me keep my peace of mind and not wonder if my feelings are my own or someone else’s, which happens when I have dozens of other people’s energies hovering over.

Going out and knowing how people are judging one another for what they do and don’t do, I am reminded of the blessing of forgiveness that being called by God has brought to my life.

Since my conversion, I have enjoyed the confidence that the One who owns everything I see, and don’t see, including my body and spirit, chose not to judge me and instead died to save me.

So if you are feeling judged now, then turn the other cheek. We were not called to please the world and God doesn’t judge us. Take rest in his relentless mercy and unconditional love.

Lord Jesus, I pray that you bless us with understanding. Pour your grace on us so we’re quick to listen, slow to anger and always ready to forgive.

forgiveness love

What gives us peace in the eye of the storm

We live in peace when we believe in the One who forgave us for all that we have done and will still do, across spacetime.

Yet forgiveness doesn’t erase the consequences of our decisions in this world. And that’s why many of us struggle.

For instance, take someone who committed murder and repented, turning to a life in the spirit where God is now thoroughly transforming him.

This person is forgiven by God, as repentance is already a gift from God and we are only able to repent from our wrongdoings when God has already forgiven us. However the criminal will still suffer the consequences of breaking the laws of this world.

Similarly, when we hurt each other and repent, we can live a forgiven and peaceful life in the Lord. But the ones that we hurt may or may not be back into our lives or even forgive us.

Expecting justice, forgiveness and love from this world is what tends to frustrate us. It is only the life God gives us in the spirit that is filled with divine justice, forgiveness and love.

When we live under God’s grace, we are able to withstand the often implacable judgment of this fallen world. Shielded by his unfailing, unconditional and eternal love.

Living in spiritual hope brings divine joy to our days regardless of circumstances. For there is much joy in knowing that we are being transformed into the likeness of Jesus, who is our advocate.

And there is even more joy in knowing that he is preparing us for a dimension of existence ruled by God’s love.

forgiveness love

It’s time to forgive, not judge

There’s a lot of judgment going around. More than usual.

So it’s more important than ever to remember that we were called by God not to judge – because he himself didn’t come here to judge us, although he could. But to forgive.

Don’t judge, forgive.

Everyone doing the judgment thinks they are advocating for what’s just. And all this judgment going around is the perfect opportunity to turn our communities into the devil’s playground.

When we believe that we are just, we join forces with evil.

Because we are far from being just and rely on the Lord’s grace to do anything good in our lives. It is also him who teaches us to resist evil, because when we do, evil flees from us.

So as we go through these atypical times, let’s allow God’s grace to work the good in us by forgiving everyone, 70 times 7.

forgiveness love

Confessing to the right One

Living in truth is not the same as telling the truth. While a change of heart can bring people together and love can heal, simply spitting out the truth can have the opposite effect.

In the course of your life, you have probably known a person who doesn’t forgive someone because of what they did to her.

This is an evil world where people punish each other’s wrongdoings, sometimes for life. And where people tell the truth for many reasons, including to crush others.

That is why confessing to the right One is so important.

And the right One is God.

When we confess to him, our conscience is already being transformed. Our very repentance is his power at work in us.

His love encourages us to act the way we were meant to act and make things right, armed with the confidence of his forgiveness.

He does not want us to crush our loved ones with a “truth” he already forgave us for and that his grace has blessed us to repent from. His will is for us to try again and love one another.

forgiveness love

How to be aware without judging

Thanks to sharing God’s divinity, we are able to love everyone. This love is His power operating in us. At the same time, He gives us discernment, so that we can make better decisions in life in accordance with his teachings through Jesus.

It is important to be aware that someone’s behavior doesn’t reflect the teachings of Jesus, who is God incarnated and thus teaches us how to become the best human beings we can be.

But if I turn to attack this person, using Jesus as a weapon, and feeding my attack from a place of condemnation and sense of superiority, I have lost the battle against the evil in me.

Acting this way is no better than any other person in this world who doesn’t know Jesus. In fact, when I claim to know Jesus, my attack is far worse than if it would have come out of ignorance.

When we are of the same mind as Jesus, we are aware of what is not good without judging others. Even He, being God, didn’t come here to judge us, so why should we judge one another?

He teaches us to pray for others who we believe to be misguided.

We might not like their behavior, and God is not asking us to keep or seek company that doesn’t do us good. But we can love them and pray for them to be transformed.

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We can only repent when God forgives us

Genuine repentance, sincere and fruitful, produces change of mind, attitude and posture. But we are only capable of repentance when God forgives us.

God’s forgiveness is what produces repentance.

The blessing of repentance comes from God. He crushes us, provoking our heart. He knows us, he wants us, and he forgave us through Jesus across time and space.

Yet we are creatures of spacetime and, every time we sin, we need his eternal forgiveness to provoke our repentance.

Repentance is always preceded by divine forgiveness. We have to be crushed by God’s sovereign forgiveness that turns us inside out to surrender. As we surrender, we are transformed.

Our spirit recognizes a sovereignty that comes before any human conclusion. So even those who don’t genuinely believe in God experience repentance. Repentance is God’s power at play.

When we repent, we know that God has forgiven us.

forgiveness love

We live in peace when we become agents of peace in the world

Right after my conversion from atheist to believer, I had this group of friends who were Christian libertarians. They loved guns and hated minorities – just not publicly.

Being new in the faith, I took all that as normal human flaws and tried my best to be patient with them. But as my understanding of the word deepened, the strong shift from love to hate just didn’t feel right.

Friends, there’s a moment in our lives when we need to take a stand if we want to walk with Jesus. We can’t walk with Jesus and invite violence into our lives.

The first one you kill when you buy a gun

Following Jesus transforms the animalistic beasts that we are into the pacified, loving little Jesuses that we are meant to be. But when we’re not seeing this transformation in ourselves, we need to search our spirit, as God already does, to fully understand why we sometimes still shift from love to hate.

The one we claim to follow teaches us to love and pray for our enemies. If we can’t, we’re either pretending to follow him, or we are deliberating to follow that other one that he gave his life to save us from.

Thanks to God’s grace I found peace, in him, to fight the good fight and dare to love in an unforgiving world. It is a daily exercise, and one that we can absolutely achieve as long as we rely on him who makes everything possible.