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Savouring the bread of life

Grace is the expression of love. And love is the nature of God.

When God is expressed and revealed in Jesus, his love becomes grace and we are able to experience it as we seek him.

We were once dark and became one with darkness. Now we are light because we are one with God. And God is light.

As his beloved children, we share his divine life and nature. In other words, our calling is to be imitators of God.

When we receive God as grace and experience him as truth, he makes his home in our spirit and we enjoy his love and light.

He gives us our daily bread, and he is the bread of life.

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What gives us peace in the eye of the storm

We live in peace when we believe in the One who forgave us for all that we have done and will still do, across spacetime.

Yet forgiveness doesn’t erase the consequences of our decisions in this world. And that’s why many of us struggle.

For instance, take someone who committed murder and repented, turning to a life in the spirit where God is now thoroughly transforming him.

This person is forgiven by God, as repentance is already a gift from God and we are only able to repent from our wrongdoings when God has already forgiven us. However the criminal will still suffer the consequences of breaking the laws of this world.

Similarly, when we hurt each other and repent, we can live a forgiven and peaceful life in the Lord. But the ones that we hurt may or may not be back into our lives or even forgive us.

Expecting justice, forgiveness and love from this world is what tends to frustrate us. It is only the life God gives us in the spirit that is filled with divine justice, forgiveness and love.

When we live under God’s grace, we are able to withstand the often implacable judgment of this fallen world. Shielded by his unfailing, unconditional and eternal love.

Living in spiritual hope brings divine joy to our days regardless of circumstances. For there is much joy in knowing that we are being transformed into the likeness of Jesus, who is our advocate.

And there is even more joy in knowing that he is preparing us for a dimension of existence ruled by God’s love.

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Pray and do your best

When I was an atheist, my mother would say things like “I’ll pray for God to help you write a good exam” and that was enough to upset me. I’d then ask her back “Will God write it for me?”

Yes, I was the typical insufferable atheist. I always thought of myself as wiser and intellectually superior to others who believed in God. I even thought I was good and that I would have a good life if it weren’t for all the others around me who were so bad.

It took a lot of being crushed in life to humble me down and make me realize I wasn’t good. And when I actually needed help and support, this world provided it to some extent, but the effect was very short lived. Until I reached the point of no return.

I was doing therapy at the time and I remember my psychologist asking me if I was concerned that I wouldn’t be able to live without psychological help. And, yes, I was convinced that was the case. I was emotionally crippled without having a mental illness, depression, anxiety — nothing that warranted a diagnostic. I just felt the weight of this loveless world.

I bring this up because, nowadays, I understand why people get angry at the idea of prayer as a means to cope with difficult situations. Although they are too arrogant to see it, they are coming from the same place of hopelessness where I was most of my life. And my arrogance peaked as I reached rock bottom.

That said, when God calls us, he doesn’t expect us to pray and then sit around waiting for his deliverance. Everything good in our lives comes from God, yet we need to do what we can. There is a significant difference between hope and omission.

Only religious people will call for prayer and leave it at that when there are ways to offer pragmatic help along with prayer.

There is rarely any situation in this world when all we can do is pray. Normally, the Creator of the Universe also gives us the understanding of when and how to offer a hand to others in need.

As we share God’s divinity, his love in us keeps us away from these worldly extremes. We can neither behave as insufferably arrogant atheists nor as omissive religious people. Wherever these behaviours operate, a relationship with God does not exist.

Let’s remember it is God’s love that infuses balance into our lives, a balance this world knows nothing about. Armed with his love, we can pray and take action. We just need to let him guide us.

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Life beyond survival

Surviving the trials of this world is a concern that many of us have. But when we are called by the One who made us, we come to know life is beyond survival of the body. It’s an eternal spirit.

We might think our circumstances are good, we might think they’re bad. But ultimately “good” or “bad” are brief sensorial moments compared to the glory of our eternal transformation.

Because God is love and, incarnated as Jesus, he shows us that we can overcome the world, including the death of our bodies.

As we follow him, we understand that he uses our circumstances as an instrument of his love to mold us. So instead of dreading them, we are filled with the resilience that only his grace gives us.

There is thus no shame in feeling powerless and weak. His power is perfected in our weakness and he is our very strength.

Lead by the divine revelation that all things contribute to the good of those who love God, we can surrender to his care. Take a step back and trust that he is the one fighting our battles.