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It’s not all the same God

There is only one God, but that God is far, very far, from being the God of religion. Regardless of which religion, that God doesn’t exist. And the only true God doesn’t fit in any religious doctrine.

The only true God must call us and, when he does, his calling is unmistakable. Our relationship with him is based on grace and love. Thanks to his grace, we are filled with joy and face every experience in life as a step closer to him.

God has always warned us about our misguided worship of “other Gods”. Religion or pagan practices have never been the way. They enslave us to rules and superstition, standing in direct opposition to the freedom God gives us.

Jesus, who is God incarnated, calls us to love one another as a means of worshiping him in spirit and truth. So we know that God has called us when love becomes the master of our lives.

Even if we have unimaginable faith, hope and a sound understanding of the Word, we still have to express it through love. We worship God by loving one another, because there is only one true God, and this God is love.


God does not show partiality

With Jesus as hermeneutical key it becomes extremely obvious that God does not show partiality. Jesus, who’s God materialized in a way that we could ‘attain’, treats everyone with love regardless of gender, sexual orientation, social status etc.

If you read any passage in the Bible that contradicts that, then use your ‘Jesus as hermeneutical key’ spiritual intelligence and disregard it – the source for coherence has always been, and will always be, Jesus.

Once someone liked one of my posts and when I checked one of his, he was arguing that the Bible brings evidence that women should not occupy positions of religious leadership. This is 100% in conformity with religious doctrine, that much I will give to him. But the problem is it is also 100% in contradiction with Jesus!

Once more: God does not show partiality. It is understandable that a lot of us can’t grasp this or even dare to try. Our world is all about partiality.

But God is not of this world and if we try to measure him based on our mundane measurements, we will miss the point completely – in fact, most of us already have, it’s called religion.

You can’t serve two masters, so while you’re enslaved to man through religion, your master is man – not God. Set yourselves free, my friends!