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Confessing to the right One

Living in truth is not the same as telling the truth. While a change of heart can bring people together and love can heal, simply spitting out the truth can have the opposite effect.

In the course of your life, you have probably known a person who doesn’t forgive someone because of what they did to her.

This is an evil world where people punish each other’s wrongdoings, sometimes for life. And where people tell the truth for many reasons, including to crush others.

That is why confessing to the right One is so important.

And the right One is God.

When we confess to him, our conscience is already being transformed. Our very repentance is his power at work in us.

His love encourages us to act the way we were meant to act and make things right, armed with the confidence of his forgiveness.

He does not want us to crush our loved ones with a “truth” he already forgave us for and that his grace has blessed us to repent from. His will is for us to try again and love one another.

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When silence is the wise answer

I had a few moments in the past year when silence was the best answer to questions or comments that I found inappropriate. I also learned polite ways to delay answering questions as a strategy not to answer them at all. It takes skill, and courage too.

In our times, there is a generalized perception that we should address what people say at all times to express ourselves and be assertive about our values. There is little to no respect for our freedom to keep certain things to ourselves and share only with whom we choose to, in our own time.

And that is not only evil, but also a system to keep us at the mercy of other people’s unwelcome opinions and judgment.

Of course we don’t want to be omissive either. But living with the confidence that the Lord is the one in control helps us refrain from the obsessive-compulsive drive of this world to have a say in everything.

There is one particular situation when our silence is always more valuable than our words. It’s when what we have to say is not meant to build up and encourage.

It takes courage to choose not to speak and say what we shouldn’t say. If what we hear hurts us, let it be. Jesus teaches us that it is best to be hurt than to hurt. How wonderful is it that our faith encourages us to do what’s wise, and what gives us peace!

With God’s help, we can defeat the urge to answer questions or comments that we didn’t welcome in the first place. Only He can give us the courage to listen and act by not acting, allowing Him to do His work in ourselves as well as in others.

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We can only repent when God forgives us

Genuine repentance, sincere and fruitful, produces change of mind, attitude and posture. But we are only capable of repentance when God forgives us.

God’s forgiveness is what produces repentance.

The blessing of repentance comes from God. He crushes us, provoking our heart. He knows us, he wants us, and he forgave us through Jesus across time and space.

Yet we are creatures of spacetime and, every time we sin, we need his eternal forgiveness to provoke our repentance.

Repentance is always preceded by divine forgiveness. We have to be crushed by God’s sovereign forgiveness that turns us inside out to surrender. As we surrender, we are transformed.

Our spirit recognizes a sovereignty that comes before any human conclusion. So even those who don’t genuinely believe in God experience repentance. Repentance is God’s power at play.

When we repent, we know that God has forgiven us.

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Be a message of love

We know that we rely on God’s grace to do anything good, to ourselves and others. But our lives also embody a message.

When we follow Jesus, we become a message of faith, hope and, above all, love. It is our willingness to become better that makes a difference and that willingness should transpire in our lives.

Being a message of love is the very foundation of our calling. God is love and he came here in human flesh to show us the way.

Yet the way is not a path, but a person, Jesus. He is who we were always meant to be. He is who we are called to be.

Being of the same mind as Jesus turns us into a message of love.

For us that’s impossible, because it is God who makes all things possible. We can only start being of the same mind as Jesus when God makes his home in us and shares his divinity with us. For that to happen, all we have to do is accept his love.

As we accept and seek him with a humble heart, his Spirit deepens our roots in that loving mind and we become expressions of his love.

Does that mean we’ll never fall again? Of course not!

We are not called to seek perfection, far from it. Trying to live beyond the level of conscience that God has given us will lead us to crash and burn. And falling is always a lesson in humility.

Although we will fall, seeking the Lord as our life supply will give us the peace of mind that we are forgiven. Because the righteous will live by faith and express God by loving one another.

Merry Christmas, friend!

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We are not alone

We all have tasted loneliness at some point in our lives.

It isn’t simply about not having company, but about having quality company that does us good. And that is not easy to find.

But the good news is, we are far from being alone. We are meant to be. And this loneliness that clouds our judgment and keeps us from seeing with the eyes of faith can be defeated.

So how do we defeat it? Well, the answer is: we don’t. It is the One who made us with unconditional love who defeats it. But he can only defeat our loneliness when we humbly accept his love.

Our lives are transformed when we become conscious of this love and gain the confidence, through faith, that we are not alone.

When we follow his ways, there’s no reason to feel lonely, because he gives us every opportunity to be with others who reflect his love.

Yet if we still feel lonely at times, we just have to call his name and he will be there through the people he brings into our lives.

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What’s the best that we can be?

It is not easy to relate to God. And he gets that. So he came here as a human and made it possible for us to relate to him. Having lived as a man, all human and all God, he was also able to relate to us.

Because God doesn’t exist, he is, we need to look at Jesus to see him.

Jesus is fully human, because he fulfills everything that we are meant to be. And he is fully God, teaching us that he is the source of all good, life and love.

Jesus is God in relatable form teaching us that he isn’t a message to learn from a book, but a path to walk that leads to becoming like him.

All we have to do is want it.

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The bread that transforms us

Who doesn’t love bread? Some of our ancestors pretty much lived on it, the so-called “daily bread”, and it is still one of those staples that almost every household keeps.

Bread being a primary resource to feed us, it isn’t surprising how often it was used as a metaphor for spiritual nourishment. But the strongest point to make is that we always have a choice: continue to seek the bread(s) of this world as the foundation for our lives, or transcend this world and eat the bread that is not of this world, and that feeds both the body and the spirit.

And it gets even better: this bread’s nourishing power is so literally out of this world that although our bodies will die, our spirits will live on to enjoy eternal life. In fact, as we savour this bread, we already start sampling the transformation that this bread can produce in us.

This bread feeds us with the willingness and ability to transcend this world and live in it as if we were no longer a part of it. This bread is love. And we all know that this bread is God, because God is love.

But make sure you are eating the right bread, because only this bread is real food. And once we try this real food, it is time to set aside the silly, powerless toys of this world like crystals, law of attraction, hypnosis, charms etc that only serve to distract us and delay us from our meal times.


Genuine gratitude is not a bargain with the almighty universe

Our intuition always shows us what does us good. So it isn’t surprising that gratitude has become a lifestyle in the world of today that is all about seeking ways of living a happy life.

But gratitude is first and foremost to God. It stems from a life-changing relationship with Him when He calls us and we surrender to his eternal love. Because who else would we go to? It is Jesus who has the words of eternal life. Even knowing this comes as a revelation from God.

We become grateful to God for everything in our lives, including what we perceive as bad, because God gives us the understanding that all things contribute to our good in as much as we love Him and want to do His will.

This gratitude does not seek rewards. It does not seek happiness as the materialization of the “enlightened state” of being “grateful”. In fact, it is simply a humble attitude before God that naturally unfolds in us because we trust that He is giving us every experience necessary to transform us into the perfect and eternal expression of Himself.

What does this gratitude have to do with the trendy “gratitude” of nowadays? Nothing. Because being grateful now comes with the expectation that if we are grateful for what we have, greater things will happen in our lives.

In other words, this trendy “gratitude” is nothing but a bargain. A bargain with an “almighty universe” where cause and effect lord it all along with its pagan spirituality derivates: karma, law of attraction, quantum physics etc.

Is that really gratitude? Far from it. It is easy to be grateful when everything is going well or if there is the prospect of turning things around in a direction that we desire to go when things are not going well.

Here’s the thing: genuine gratitude does not seek rewards. Were we called to live our lives being grateful for what we have and at the same time look at it as milestones towards what else we can get?

In the pursuit of worldly riches, we end up losing our spiritual (true) selves and finding death. It is the same death Jesus saved us from, but that we keep seeking through our material wants again and again and again.

Why pursue worldly riches that leave us feeling empty, meaningless and hopeless, when we can enjoy an eternity of peace through God? All we have to do is want it. And His grace will fill us up with His love until we overflow with it and become His lights in this world of darkness.

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Our mouths speak of what our hearts are full of

Our mouths speak of what our hearts are full of. Allow yourself to be filled with love and your words will come out gentle and gracious.

Let only loving, gracious words come out of your mouth everyday.

When we use harsh words, that is not love and will only sting others and poison ourselves.

Loving words are gentle – they build us up and give grace to those who hear us.

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Are you forgiving?

There are two fundamental things about forgiving others that most of us overlook:

1. Forgiving is not about merit
2. Forgiving is unilateral

So if a person has hurt us, we forgive her even if we don’t see any sign of repentance. We also don’t need that person to ask for our forgiveness, we just go ahead and give it.

When we forgive, we make a conscious decision to let go of that person without wishing for her punishment.

If there is mutual willingness to rebuild what was broken, with genuine love, we can invite her back into our lives.

The same way God has forgiven our sins without us meriting that, we forgive one another also without us meriting that.

Forgiving others “by default” is one of the wonderful fruits of God’s love in us.

With the beginning of a new calendar year, I invite us all to think about our ability to genuinely love and forgive others.

We must forgive everyone, including ourselves. 70 x 7 = always!

I pray for God to keep nurturing love and forgiveness in our lives going forward.