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Boutique spirituality

I have met quite a few people over the years who claimed to be spiritual, but were very protective of their so-called balance.

In a nutshell, they had built a mystic space for themselves where they could seek shelter from life challenges.

Some of those people became friends of mine in spite of clear differences in vision.

As a follower of Jesus, I attempt to reconcile myself with people who are different from me. But I also surrender to the fact that most people will not be a good fit to become a close friend or have access to the depths of my soul.

My experience with these people who develop what I call ’boutique spirituality’ has not been a positive one.

They are more than willing to share their spiritual ideas and sell them, but at moments of difficulty, they dodge you.

One thing that changed radically in me after my conversion was that I developed a genuine desire to support others. Even when I was not in a good place myself. And helping someone else always strengthens me.

As followers of Jesus, it is absolutely essential that we support others in need. We’re blessed to know that’s precisely the path to strengthen ourselves.

That doesn’t mean we’ll allow them to use us as clutches! We should aim to empower. But if we can’t support others in need, then how really are we loving one another?

It is true that there are situations where we can’t objectively help. But we can always at least reach out, listen and share kind words of encouragement.

Next time someone in need reaches out to you, don’t make it about you – your weaknesses and limitations. Make it about God.

God wants us to love him by loving others.

god love

How are you? (Really)

Do you find yourself always concealing how you actually are when others ask because you’ve given up on being supported or understood?

It is no secret that our times are hard on those who display anything less than excitement about their lives. A true dictatorship of happiness.

But while we should ineed make an effort to protect ourselves and not throw our pearls to the pigs, it is also important to be honest about our struggles and not paint our lives with amazing colors when there’s mostly darkness.

Just be careful to share only with people who you already know have a deep sensitivity and a genuine interest in supporting your well being.

And if you find yourself without anyone to open up with, remember that God is there for you. And if you surrender and deposit your full confidence in him, he will certainly lead you to find others that will be able to support you at difficult times.

Supporting others who are struggling edifies and strengthens us even when we feel like we’re the ones in need of support. This is part of the many wonders of our existence.

So the question isn’t just for you, but also for others around you.

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